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Swarm - The Earth's Magnetic Field and Environment Explorers

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EPS issue on Swarm Earth, Planets and Space special issue on Swarm

Swarm proposal Study of an Improved Comprehensive Magnetic Field Inversion Analysis for Swarm (PDF, 15.0 MB)

Swarm proposal Swarm - The Impact of Combined Magnetic and Electric Field Analysis and of Ocean Circulation Effects on Swarm Mission Performance (PDF, 20.3 MB)

Swarm proposal Swarm End-to-End Mission Performance Simulator Study - Final Report (PDF, 16.4 MB)

Swarm proposal Swarm proposal (PDF, 5.8 MB)

Swarm poster Swarm poster (PDF, 4.3 MB)

Swarm animationsSwarm animations


Additional Material

Outline proposal (Oct 1, 2001 PDF, 395 kB)

ESA's "Second Call  for Earth Explorer Opportunity Missions", June 2001